Ask Shane: PhoneGap - to JQM or not to JQM

Jeremy says,

I am building an app using PhoneGap and JQuery Mobile.

JQM loads every page via ajax and even if the header and footer are fixed it still expects every page to have them which is absolutely disgusting. If you make a change in a header then you have to do it on every single page! I have found a great article that dynamically inserts the header and footer into each page ( but this is still annoying for sub-pages and making sure the correct tab is highlighted.

Since I am not using JQM themes, icons and its page navigation is very basic I am thinking if I even need to use it at all? I can just use JQ (not JQM) AJAX to update the relevant parts of the UI as needed.

What do you think?

Ask Shane: Mobile optimization and device detection

Jeanne Rash asks:
Can you give any advice on: - Should I be concerned that the W3C MobileOK service gives my pages severe ratings for the JQM css syntax and the size of the js files? - I have pages that I want to limit to grade A devices only. Do you know if your mobile re-direct code can be adapted to send grade B and C devices to other pages?

The Declaration of Internet Freedom

Logo for the Declaration of Internet FreedomThe Internet as we know it is under siege on all sides. We have politicians, dictators, monopolies, patent trolls, old-media providers and more who are trying to put anything they can in the way of the free people of the Internet. No country is safe from the interference. The only thing that will keep our internet open is if we hold the light of truth to ugly face of censorship, patent wars, and the myriad other techniques that these failing industries and corrupt powers try to force down the people's throats. Find a way to get involved.
Read, sign, and abide by the Declaration of Internet Freedom. Follow the Electronic Frontier Foundation. It is our Internet, it does not belong to any one government or company, government, ideology, or creed. Stand up, speak out, spread the word.

jQuery Mobile Best Practices - a one year retrospective

PostIt drawing of a mobile page I've been working with JQM in a corporate and small business settings since it was in alpha 2 and these are some of the lessons I've learned. If you take these 21 tips to heart, hopefully I can save you some of the same headaches.  Much of this is true about going mobile for anyone. jQuery Mobile was simply my chosen platform. 


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