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jQuery Mobile Best Practices - a one year retrospective

PostIt drawing of a mobile page I've been working with JQM in a corporate and small business settings since it was in alpha 2 and these are some of the lessons I've learned. If you take these 21 tips to heart, hopefully I can save you some of the same headaches.  Much of this is true about going mobile for anyone. jQuery Mobile was simply my chosen platform. 

Four Ways to Implement a Global Menu in jQuery Mobile

Navigation is the hardest thing to get right in any application. Mobile only compounds the issue. jQuery Mobile doesn't (and shouldn't) have a pre-built global navigation structure. This leaves room for flexibly and creativity on the part of the designers, but also leaves some scratching their heads and wondering what to do. So, here are what I believe to be the three best ways to create global menus and the reasons why you might choose each.

How to Make a Better Full Site Link

Best Practice or Industry Standard?

Most mobile websites follow the “best practice” of including a link to the full site. It's usually in the footer and it usually links to the homepage of the full site. OK, great. The job is done right? Wrong! The best practice would be better labeled as the “industry standard” because there is a better way.

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