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Responsive Design and jQuery Mobile

x7ian asks:
if there is a way to create a responsive website where jQuery Mobile loads only in the mobile versions. The problem is that if I load jQuery Mobile libraries, they will load even in the normal or wide displays...
This is something I struggled with as I was writing my book, Creating Mobile Apps with jQuery Mobile, and with a current client I’m working on now. Let's look at a few ways this can be handled...

What the iPad mini means for web developers

ipad miniThe release of the iPad mini validates an entire line of tablet sizes. Essentially, it’s another case of Apple coming along and leapfrogging another existing market. The Google Nexus 7, Kindle Fire, Nook Color, and Samsung Galaxy Note have fit this small tablet bill for a while. Now that Apple has thrown its hat into the ring it will sell millions and come to dominate (as usual) our existence as web developers. But the iPad already accounted for 98% of all tablet web traffic. So how does the iPad mini really change anything?

The Big Question

In developer circles, UX conferences, Forrester industry conference calls, and even on my own blog, I’ve heard people asking a consistent question. “What are you guys doing about iPad?” There are, of course, some who are bothering to make native experiences and that is certainly a valid answer… for one manufacturer at a time. Web developers and designers who have been asked this question have always had the option of just using the standard desktop view and it was usually good enough. After playing with the Nexus 7 and the iPad mini for 24 hours I can tell you first hand, the game has changed. Read more...

Ask Shane: PhoneGap - to JQM or not to JQM

Jeremy says,

I am building an app using PhoneGap and JQuery Mobile.

JQM loads every page via ajax and even if the header and footer are fixed it still expects every page to have them which is absolutely disgusting. If you make a change in a header then you have to do it on every single page! I have found a great article that dynamically inserts the header and footer into each page (http://blog.intechnica.co.uk/2012/03/30/persistent-navigation-jquery-mob...) but this is still annoying for sub-pages and making sure the correct tab is highlighted.

Since I am not using JQM themes, icons and its page navigation is very basic I am thinking if I even need to use it at all? I can just use JQ (not JQM) AJAX to update the relevant parts of the UI as needed.

What do you think?

jQuery Mobile Best Practices - a one year retrospective

PostIt drawing of a mobile page I've been working with JQM in a corporate and small business settings since it was in alpha 2 and these are some of the lessons I've learned. If you take these 21 tips to heart, hopefully I can save you some of the same headaches.  Much of this is true about going mobile for anyone. jQuery Mobile was simply my chosen platform. 


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